About Us


ScalesBot is one of the innovative solutions that was brought into official product after rounds of brainstorming and discussions of a group of tech-focused co-founders. The solution was used personally for quite some time, and it was time to bring this to the market, starting from a closer network friends, to the public releases.

Founded in early 2021, aBetterBetter Co., Ltd.who believes new idea needs data, and new data comes with new idea – aims to turn idea into innovation by utilizing emerging technology, data and analytics. 

Teamed up by passionate algorithmic geeks, former computer olympiads candidates, who pivoted themselves into industry professionals in areas of management consulting – digital, technology, and chief of multiple tech start ups.

Making a better community, with a better technology, enabled by a better way of working – is our mission. 

A BetterBetter Company Limited
Product Aspiration

To build a long term and sustainable cryptocurrency trading ecosystem focusing on innovative technology, knowledge enablement, and reachability & availability to all people.

Innovate technology products for easier way of working for traders
Enable and support in knowledge sharing in cryptocurrency world
Build and sustain a better community and ecosystem